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Edguy - Hellfire Tour in Barcelona

Hellfire Tour in Barcelona 2004
Babylon - Drums Solo - Fallen Angels
Intro - Chalice Of Agony - King Of Fools
Land Of The Miracle - Lavatory Love Machine
Mysteria - Out Of Control
Patetic Heavy Metal Show - Tears Of A Mandrake
The Piper Never Dies - Tobias Clown Sammet
Under The Moon - Vain Glory Opera

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Judas Priest - 19 CDs

Fear Factory - Obsolete

Shock - Edgecrusher - Smasher/Devourer
Securitron (Police State 2000) - Descent
Hi-Tech Hate - Freedom Or Fire
Obsolete - Resurrection - Timelessness
Cars - 0-0 {Where Evil Dwells} - Soulwound
Messiah - Concreto

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The Cardigans - Life

Carnival - Daddy’s Car - Fine
Rise & Shine - Our Space - Celia Inside
Over The Water - Tomorrow - Sick & Tired
Beautiful One - Gordon’s Gardenparty
Hey! Get Out Of My Way - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

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Fleetwood Mac - Live At The BBC

Live At The BBC
Download 1-2 & Download 2-2
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Kiss - 24 CDs

24 CDs
Asylum - Love Gun - Peter Criss
Lick It Up - Dressed To Kill - Crazy Nights
Ace Frehley - Smashes Thrashes And Hits
Gene Simmons - Killers - Carnival Of Souls
Hot In The Shade - Paul Stanley - Revenge
Creatures Of The Night - Psycho Circus
Dinasty - Unmasked - Animalize - Destroyer
Hotter Than Hell - Music From 'The Elder'
MTV Unplugged - Rock And Roll Over
Alive - Alive II - Double Platinum
Symphony: Alive IV - You Wanted The Best...
The Box Set
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Cypress Hill - Temples Of Boom

Temples Of Boom
Spark Another Owl - Throw Your Set In The Air
Stoned Raiders - Illusions - Killa Hill Niggas
Boom Biddy Bye Bye - No Rest For The Wicked
Make A Move - Killafornia - Funk Freakers
Locotes - Red Light Visions - Stickly Hip Hop
Let it Rain - Everybody Must Get Stoned
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Z Z Top - 02 CDs

One Foot In The Blues
Brown Sugar - Just Got Back From Baby's
A Fool For Your Stockings - Need You Tonight
She Loves My Automobile - Hi Fi Mama
Hot, Blue And Righteous - My Head's In Mississippi
Lowdown In The Street - If I Could Only Flag Her Down
Apologies To Pearly - Sure Got Cold After The Rain Fell
Bar-B-Q - Old Man - Certified Blues
2000 Blues - Heaven

Rhythmeen - Bang Bang - Black Fly
What's Up With That - Vincent Price Blues
Zipper Job - Hairdresser
She's Just Killing Me - My Mind Is Gone
Loaded - Prettyhead - Hummbucking Part 2

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Videos - 13,3 Gb

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13,3 Gb de Videos... aproveitem!
A Perfect Circle - Agnostic Front - Bad Religion
Bullet For My Valentine - Coldplay - Every Time I Die
Hatebreed - Incubus - Lamb Of God e muito mais...

Europe - Rock The Night

Rock The Night: The Very Best Of Europe
Rock The Night - Superstitious - I'll Cry For You
Cherokee - Stormwind - Sweet Love Child
In The Future To Come - Here Comes The Night
Sign Of The Times - Dreamer - Seventh Sign
Yesterday's News - Got Your Mind In The Gutter
Ready Or Not - Aphasia - Time Has Come
The Final Countdown - Halfway To Heaven
Open Your Heart - Long Time Coming
Mr. Government Man - Carrie - Seven Doors Hotel
Girl From Lebanon - The King Will Return
More Than Meets The Eye - Prisoners In Paradise
Wings Of Tomorrow - On Broken Wings
Scream Of Anger - Heart Of Stone
Let The Good Times Rock
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