domingo, março 12, 2006

UFO - No Heavy Petting

No Heavy Petting
Natural Thing - I'm A Loser - Can You Roll Her
Belladonna - Reasons Love - Highway Lady
On With The Action - A Fool In Love - Martian Landscape


Neil Young - Silver & Gold

Silver & Gold
Good To See You - Silver & Gold - Daddy Went Walkin'
Buffalo Springfield Again - The Great Divide -Horseshoe Man
Red Sun - Distant Camera - Razor Love - Without Rings
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The White Stripes - Under Blackpool Lights

Under Blackpool Lights (DVD Rip)
Intro - When I Hear My Name - Black Math
Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground
I Think I Smell A Rat - Take A Whiff Of Me -Astro
Outlaw Blues - Jack The Ripper - Jolene
Hotel Yorba - Death Letter - Do - The Hardest Button To Button
Truth Doesn't Make A Noise - The Big Three Killed My Baby
Wasting My Time - You're Pretty Good Looking (For A Girl)
Hello Operator - Apple Blossom - Ball And Biscuit
Let's Shake Hands - I Fought Piranhas - Let's Build A Home
Goin' Back To Memphis - Seven nation Army
Boll Weevil - Outro

Anthrax - 03 CDs

We`ve Come For You All
Contact - What Doesn't Die - Superhero - Refuse To Be Denied
Safe Home -Any Place But Here - Nobody Knows Anything
Strap It On - Black Dahlia - Cadillac Rock Box
Taking The Music Back - Crash - Think About An End
We've Come For You All
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Attack Of The Killer B´s
Milk - Bring The Noise - Keep It In The Family
Startin' Up A Posse - Protest And Survive
Chromatic Death - I'm The Man '91 - Parasite
Pipeline - Sects - Belly Of The Beast - N. F. B.
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State Of Euphoria
Be All, End All - Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind - Make Me Laugh
Antisocial - Who Cares Wins - Now It's Dark
Schism - Misery Loves Company - 13 - Finale
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