sábado, agosto 12, 2006

Saxon - Forever Free

Forever Free
Forever Free - Hole In The Sky
Just Wanna Make Love To You
Get Down And Dirty - Iron Wheels
One Step Away - Can't Stop Rockin'
Nighthunter - Grind - Cloud Nine
Princess Of The Night (Live)
Forever Free (Live)

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Shadow Gallery - Carved in Stone

Carved in Stone
Cliffhanger - Untitled - Crystalline Dream
Untitled - Don't Ever Cry, Just Remember
Untitled - Warcry - Celtic Princess
Deeper Than Life - Untitled
Alaska - Untitled - Ghostship

Judas Priest - 05 CDs

Rocka Rolla
One for the Road - Rocka Rolla
Winter/Deep Freeze/Winter Retreat/Cheater
Never Satisfied - Run of the Mill
Dying to Meet You - Caviar and Meths
Diamonds & Rust

Sad Wings Of Destiny
Victim of Changes - Ripper
Dreamer Deceiver - Deceiver
Prelude - Tyrant - Genocide
Epitaph - Island of Domination

Sin After Sin
Sinner - Diamonds & Rust
Starbreaker - Last Rose Of Summer
Let Us Prey - Call For The Priest/Raw Deal
Here Come The Tears - Dissident Aggressor

Stained Class
Exciter - White Heat, Red Hot
Better By You Better Than Me
Stained Class - Invader - Saints In Hell
Savage - Beyond The Realms Of Death
Heroes End

Hell Bent For Leather
Delivering The Goods - Rock Forever
Evening Star - Hell Bent For Leather
Take On The World - Burnin' Up
The Green Manalishi - Killing Machine
Running Wild - Before The Dawn
Evil Fantasies