sábado, abril 01, 2006

Ratos de Porão - 05 CDs

Atendendo à pedidos... um pouco de hardcore nacional...

Chuck Berry - On The Blues Side

On The Blues Side
Confessin' The Blues - Run Around - Worried Life Blues
The Things That I Used To Do - Blues For Hawaiians
Wee Wee Hours - I Still Got The Blues - Down The Road Apiece
No Money Down - Stop And Listen - Blue On Blue - Sweet Sixteen
I Got To Find My Baby - I Just Want To Make Love To You
Merry Christmas Baby - Deep Feeling - Wee Hour Blues
Don't You Lie To Me - Ain't That Just Like A Woman
Driftin' Blues - Blue Feeling
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Theatre Of Tragedy - Storm

Storm (Limited Edition)
Storm - Silence - Ashes And Dreams - Voices
Fade - Begin And End - Highlights (Bonus Track)
Senseless - Exile - Disintegration - Debris
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Megadeth - Youthanasia

Reckoning Day - Train Of Consequences
Addicted To Chaos - A Tout Le Monde
Elysian Fields - The Killing Road
Blood Of Heroes - Family Tree - Youthanasia
I Thought I Knew It All -Black Curtains - Victory
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