sexta-feira, agosto 04, 2006

Loudness - Rockshocks

Loudness - Crazy Doctor - In The Mirror
Crazy Night -.Esper - Like Hell - Lonely Player
Street Woman - Angel Dust - Rock Shock
The Lines Are Down - Milky Way
Mr. Yesman - .Exultation - Lunatic - R.I.P.

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Opeth - Ghost Reveries

Ghost Reveries
Ghost of Perdition - The Baying of the Hounds
Beneath the Mire - Atonement
Reverie/Harlequin Forest - Hours of Wealth
The Grand Conjuration - Isolation Years

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Prince - The Very Best Of

The Very Best Of
I Wanna Be Your Lover - 1999
Little Red Corvette - When Doves Cry
Let's Go Crazy - Purple Rain - I Would Die 4 U
Raspberry Beret - Kiss - Sign 'O' The Times
U Got The Look - Alphabet St.
Thieves In The Temple - Gett Off - Cream
Diamonds And Pearls - Money Don't Matter 2 Night
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Bread - Anthology

Make It With You - Dismal Day
London Bridge - Anyway You Want Me
Look What You've Done - It Don't Matter To Me
The Last Time - Let Your Love go - Truckin'
If - Baby I'm-a Want You - Everything I Own
Down On My Knees - Aubrey - Diary
Sweet Surrender - The Guitar Man
Fancy Dancer - She's The Only One
Lost Without Your Love
Password: ScouseXile

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Axel Rudi Pell - 03 CDs

Atendendo a pedidos:

Oceans Of Time - Slaves Of The Twilight
Pay The Price - Carousel - Ashes From The Oath
Ride The Rainbow - The Gates Of The Seven Seals
Oceans Of Time - Prelude To The Moon
Living On The Wildside - Holy Creatures

The Masquerade Ball
The Arrival - Earls Of Black - Voodoo Nights
Night And Rain - The Masquerade Ball
Tear Down The Walls - The Line - Hot Wheels
The Temple Of The Holy - July Morning

Kings And Queens
The Gate - Flyin' High - Cold Heaven
Strong As A Rock - Forever Angel
Legions Of Hell - Only The Strong Will Survive
Sailing Away - Take The Crown - Sea Of Evil

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