segunda-feira, março 27, 2006

Saxon - Crusader

Crusader Prelude - Crusader - Little Bit Of What You Fancy
Sailing To America - Set Me Free - Just Let Me Rock
Bad Boys (like To Rock N Roll) - Do It All For You
Rock City - Run For Your Lives
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Blitzrieg - The Mist Of Avalon

The Mist Of Avalon
The Legend Part 1-5 - Tranquil State - I Am The Doctor
Deceiver - Princess For The World - The Mighty 'A'
The Smell Of Roses - Love's Too Late - Anasazi
Yesterdays - Another Interview -Vicious Rumours
I Was Having A Great Time And Stayed Longer...

Edguy - Rocket Ride

Rocket Ride
Sacrifice - Rocket Ride - Wasted Time - Matrix
Return To The Tribe - The Asylum - Save Me
Catch Of The Century - Out Of Vogue - Superheroes
Trinidad - Fucking With Fire (Hair Force One)
Land Of The Miracle (live in brazil, bonus)
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Bauhaus - 3 CDs

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In The Flat Field
Dark Entries - Double Dare - In The Flat Field - God In An Alcove
Dive - The Spy In The Cab - Small Talk Stinks - St. Vitus Dance
Stigmata Martyr - Nerves - Telegram Sam
Rose Garden Funeral Of Sores - Terror Couple Kill Colonel
Scopes - Untitled - God in an Alcove(flexi) - Crowds

Hair Of The Dog - The Passion Of Lovers - Of Lillies And Remains
Dancing - Hollow Hills - Kick In The Eye2 - In Fear Of Fear
Muscle In Plastic - The Man With X-Ray Eyes - Mask
In Fear Of Dub - Ear Wax - Harry
1.David Jay 2.Peter Murphy 3.Kevin Haskins 4.Daniel Ash

Double Dare - In The Flat Field - The Passion of Lovers
Bela Lugosi's Dead - The Sanity Assassin - She's In Parties
Silent Hedges - Hollow Hills - Mask - Kick In The Eye
Ziggy Stardust - Dark Entries - Terror Couple Kill Colonel
Spirit - Burning From The Inside - Crowds
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