terça-feira, outubro 10, 2006

24 Horas - 1ª Temporada

1ª Temporada Completa
Episódio 01 - 12AM~01AM - Senha: funnylesss.us
Episódio 02 - 01AM~02AM - Senha: bydisturbed
Episódio 03 - 02AM~03AM - Senha: bydisturbed
Episódio 04 - 03AM~04AM - Senha: bydisturbed
Episódio 05 - 04AM~05AM - Senha: 105bydisturbed
Episódio 06 - 05AM~06AM - Senha: bydisturbed
Episódio 07 - 06AM~07AM - Senha: bydisturbed
Episódio 08 - 07AM~08AM - Senha: 24hfunnyless.us
Episódio 09 - 08AM~09AM - Senha: 24hbydisturbed
Episódio 10 - 09AM~10AM - Senha: 110bydisturbed
Episódio 11 - 10AM~11AM - Senha: 24hcentoeonze
Episódio 12 - 11AM~12PM - Senha: 24hbydisturbed
Episódio 13 - 12PM~01PM - Senha: kimbauergostosa
Episódio 14 - 01PM~02PM - Senha: www.funnyless.us
Episódio 15 - 02PM~03PM - Senha: funnyless.us
Episódio 16 - 03PM~04PM - Senha: www.funnyless.us
Episódio 17 - 04PM~05PM - Senha: 24hfunnyless.us
Episódio 18 - 05PM~06PM - Senha: funnyless.us
Episódio 19 - 06PM~07PM - Senha: 24hBRASIL
Episódio 20 - 07PM~08PM - Senha: 24hBRASIL.com
Episódio 21 - 08PM~09PM - Senha: 24hBRASIL
Episódio 22 - 09PM~10PM - Senha: www.24hBRASIL.com
Episódio 23 - 10PM~11PM - Senha: ninamyers
Episódio 24 - 11PM~12AM - Senha: 24hBRASIL.com

Todos os episódios no formato RMVB, com legenda embutida.
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Freedom Call - 04 CDs

Stairway To Fairyland
Fairyland - Graceland - Holy Knight
Shine On - Tears Falling
We Are One - Over The Rainbow

Metal Invasion - Flying High
Ages Of Power - The Spell
Bleeding Heart - Warriors
The Eyes Of The World - Flame In The Night
Land Of Light - Island Of Dreams
Turn Back Time

Warriors Of Light - Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
Heart Of The Brave - Kingdom Come - Tears Of Taragon

The Circle Of Life
Mother Earth - The Rhytm Of Life
Hunting High And Low - Starlight
The Gathering (midtro) - Kings & Queens
Hero Nation - High Enough - Starchild
The Eternal Flame - The Circle Of Life

Senha para todos os CDs: hazard16
All CDs password: hazard16

Many thanks to the original uploader!

The Doors - Original Movie Soundtrack

Original Movie Soundtrack
Movie - Riders on the Storm - Love Street
Break on Through (To the Other Side)
End - Light My Fire - Ghost Song
Roadhouse Blues - Heroin - Carmina Burana
Stoned Immaculate - When the Music's Over
Severed Garden (Adagio) - L.A. Woman
Senha/Password: Thrill

Sting - Songs From The Labyrinth

Songs From The Labyrinth
Walsingham - Can She Excuse My Wrongs?
Ryght Honorable - Flow My Tears - Have You Seen...
Then In Time Passing On Mr. Johnson Died…
The Most High And Mighty Christianus the Fourth, King of Denmark
The Lowest Trees Have Tops - And Accordinge As I Desired...
Fine Knacks For Ladies - From Then I Went To The Landgrave...
Fantasy - Come, Heavy Sleep - Forlorn Hope Fancy
And From Thence I Had Great Desire To See Italy… - Come Again
Wilt Thou Unkind Thus Reave Me - After My Departure I Caled...
Weep You No More, Sad Fountains - My Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home
Clear Or Cloudy - Men Say That The King Of Spain... - In Darkness Let...
Senha/Password: aris

Many thanks to the original uploader!

Jimi Hendrix- Band of Gypsys

Band of Gypsys
Who Knows - Machine Gun
Changes - Power of Soul
Message to Love - We Gotta Live Together
Senha/Password: http://www.thesaltinez.com/

Many thanks to the original uploader!

Black Sabbath - Technical Ectasy

Technical Ectasy
Back Street Kids - You Won't Change Me
It's Alright - Gypsy - All Moving Parts (Stand Still)
Rock 'n' Roll Doctor - She's Gone - Dirty Woman
Senha/Password: /*-+

Many thanks to the original uploader!

Echo & the Bunnymen - Songs to Learn & Sing

Songs to Learn & Sing
Rescue - The Puppet - Do It Clean
A Promise - The Back of Love
The Cutter - Never Stop
The Killing Moon - Silver
Seven Seas - Bring on the Dancing Horses
Senha/Password: eom2

Many thanks to the original uploader!

Lionel Richie - Coming Home

Coming Home
I Call It Love - Sweet Vacation - Why
What You Are - Up All Night
I'm Coming Home - All Around the World
Outta My Head - Reason to Believe
Stand Down - I Love You - I Apologize
Senha/Password: Silka-WareZ

Many thanks to the original uploader!

Twisted Sister - A Twisted Christmas

A Twisted Christmas
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Oh Come All Ye Faithful - White Christmas
I'll Be Home For Christmas (Feat. Lita Ford)
Silver Bells - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
Let It Snow - Deck The Halls - The Christmas Song
Heavy Metal Christmas (12 Days Of Christmas)
Senha/Password: BlueSuede

Many thanks to the original uploader!