sábado, julho 29, 2006

America - In Concert

A senha foi corrigida, obrigado a todos pela força!
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In Concert
Tin Man - I Need You - The Border
Sister Golden Hair - Company
You Can Do Magic - Ventura Highway
Daisy Jane - Horse With No Name
Senha/Password: Ttreasuredwarez.com

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Cannibal Corpse - BloodThirst

Pounded Into Dust - Dead Human Collection
Unleashing The Bloodthirsty - The Spine Splitter
Ecstasy In Decay - Raped By The Beast
Coffinfeeder - Hacksaw Decapitation
Blowtorch Slaughter - Sickening Metamorphosis
Condemned To Agony
Senha/Password: PeopleSuck

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ABBA - Thank You For The Music

Thank You For The Music (4CD)
Download CD1 & Download CD2 & Download CD3
Download CD4-1 & Download CD4-2
Senha/Password: bobika

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Janis Joplin - 18 Essential Songs

18 Essential Songs
Trouble In Mind - Down On Me - Bye, Bye Baby
Ball And Chain - Piece Of My Heart - I Need A Man To Love
Summertime - Try - One Good Man - Kosmic Blues
Raise Your Hand - Tell Mama - Move Over
Mercedes Benz - Get It While You Can - Half Moon
Trust Me - Me And Bobby McGee
Download 1-2 & Download 2-2
Senha/Password: geop

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