quarta-feira, março 22, 2006

Masterplan - Aeronautics+EP

Crimson Rider -Back For My Life - Wounds
I'm Not Afraid - Headbanger's Ballroom
After This War - Into The Arena - Dark From The Dying
Falling Sparrow - Black In The Burn - Treasure World
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Back for My Life
Back for My Life (Single Version) - Crimson Rider (Album Version)
Love is a Rock (non album track) - Killing in Time (non album track)
Killing in Time (Instrumental Version) - Back for My Life (Album Version)

Twisted Sister - Live at NY Steel

Eddie Trunk/ Mike Piazza Intro - What You Don't Know
The Kids Are Back - Dee's Dedication - Burn In Hell
You Can't Stop Rock N' Roll - Under The Blade - Shoot 'Em Down
Comeback - You Know I Cry - I Wanna Rock - We're Not Gonna Take It
The Price - Band Intro - SMF - We're Not Ganna Take It (*)
(*) with John Bush, Doro Pesch, Sebastian Bach, Mike Piazza, Eddie Trunk

Smashing Pumpkins - Earphoria

Earphoria - Live
Sinfony - Quiet - Disarm - Cherub Rock - Today
Bugg Superstar - I Am One - Pulseczar - Soma
Slunk - French Movie Theme - Geek USA
Mayonaise - Silverfuck
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