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Deep Purple - The Platinum Collection

The Platinum Collection
Highway Star (Live) - The Battle Rages on
King of Dreams - Speed King (Live)
The Aviator - Love Conquers - Anya
Loosen My Strings - Solitare - Child in Time (Live)
Smoke on the Water (Live)

The Beach Boys - Best 20 Ballads

Best 20 Ballads
Don't Worry - The Surfer Moon - Surfer Girl - In My Room
Lonely Sea - Your Summer Dream - Girls On The Beach
We'll Run Away - Spirit Of America - Ballad Of Ole' Betsy
The Warmth Of The Sun - Keep An Eye On Summer
Kiss Me, Baby - She Knows Me Too Well
Please Let Me Wonder - Let Him Run Wild
Time To Get Alone - God Only Knows
Caroline, No - And Your Dreams Come True

Many yhanks to original uploader "Chico" from "Floodlit Footprint

Phil Collins - 06 CDs

Both sides
Both sides of story - Can't turn back the years
Everyday - I've forgotten everything
We're sons of our father - Can't find my way
Survivors - We fly so close - These's a place for us
We wait and we wonder - Please came out tonight

But seriously
Hang in long enough - Thats just the way it is
Do you remember - Something happended on the way to heaven
Colours - I wish it would rain down - Another day in paradise
Heat on the sheet - All of my life
Saturday night and Sunday morning
Father to son - Find a way to my heart

Dance into the light
Dance into the light - That's what you said
Lorenzo - Just another story - Love police
Wear my hat - It's in your eyes
Oughta know by now - Take me down
The same moon - River so wide - No matter who

Face value
In the air tonight - This must be love
Behind the lines - The roof is leaking - Droned
Hand in hand - I missed again - You know what I mean
Thunder and lighting - I'm not moving - If leaving me is easy
Tomorrow never knows

Hello, I must be going
I don't care anymore - I cannot believe it's true
Like China - Do you know, Do you care
You can't hurry love - It don't matter to me
Thru these walls - Don't let him steal your heart away
The west side - Why can't it wait 'til morning

No jacket required
Sussudio - Only you know and I know
Long long way to go - I don't wanna know
One more night - Don't lose my number
Who said I would - Doesn't anybody stay together anymore
Inside out - Take me home - We said hello goodbye

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