sábado, junho 10, 2006

Sepultura - Under A Pale Grey Sky

Under A Pale Grey Sky
Disc: 1 - Download
Itsari (Intro) - Roots Bloody Roots - Spit
Territory - Monologo Ao Pe Do Ouvido
Breed Apart - Attitude - Cut-Throat - Troops Of Doom
Beneath The Remains/Mass Hypnosis
Born Stubborn - Desperate Cry - Necromancer
Dusted - Endangered Species
Disc: 2 - Download
We Who Are Not As Others - Straighthate
Dictatorsh*t - Refuse/Resist - Aris
Dead Embryonic Cells - Slave New World
Biotech Is Godzilla - Inner Self - Policia
We Gotta Know - Kaiowas
Ratamahatta - Orgasmatron

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Hammer of the Gods - Two Nights In North America

Two Nights In North America
One Night In Montreal
The Song Remains the Same - Heartbreaker
Livin’ Lovin’ Maid (She’s Just a Woman) - The Rover
Houses of the Holy - Misty Mountain Hop
Immigrant Song - The Rain Song
Dazed and Confused
One Night In New York City
In the Light - Celebration Day - Night Flight
The Wanton Song - Out on the Tiles
Moby Dick / Drum Solo - Ten Years Gone
Black Dog - The Ocean - Thank You
How Many More Times - I’m Gonna Crawl
Download 1-5 - Download 2-5 - Download 3-5
Download 4-5 - Download 5-5
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Kansas - The Best Of

The Best Of
Carry On Wayward Son - Point Of Know Return
Fight Fire With Fire - Dust In The Wind
Song For America - Perfect Lover - Hold On
No One Together - Play The Game Tonight
The Wall
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