quinta-feira, outubro 05, 2006

Van Halen - 6 CDs Remastered

Van Halen
Runnin' With The Devil - Eruption
You Really Got Me - Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
I'm The One - Jamie's Cryin' - Atomic Punk
Feel Your Love Tonight - Little Dreamer
Ice Cream Man - On Fire

Van Halen II
You're No Good - Dance The Night Away
Somebody Get Me A Doctor - Bottoms Up
Outta Love Again - Light Up The Sky
Spanish Fly - D.O.A. - Women In Love
Beautiful Girls

Women And Children First
And The Cradle Will Rock - Everybody Wants Some
Fools - Romeo's Delight - Tora Tora - Loss Of Control
Take Your Whiskey Home - Could This Be Magic
In A Simple Rhyme

Fair Warning
Mean Street - Dirty Movies - Sinner's Swing!
Hear About It Later - Unchained - Push Comes To Shove
So This Is Love? - Sunday Afternoon In The Park
One Foot Out The Door

Diver Down
Have All The Good Times Gone - Hang 'Em High
Cathedral - Secrets - Intruder - (Oh) Pretty Woman
Dancing In The Street - Little Guitars
Big Bad Bill (Is Sweet William Now) - The Full Bug
Happy Trails

1984 - Jump - Panama - Top Jimmy
Drop Dead Legs - Hot For Teacher
I'll Wait - Girl Gone Bad - House Of Pain

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Manowar - The Sons Of Odin

The Sons Of Odin - Promo
The Sons of Odin (Promo Sampler)
The Ascension (Ep Version)
King of Kings (Ep Version)
Gods Of War (Promo Sampler)

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Kreator - 05 CDs

Coma of Souls
When The Sun Burns Red - Coma Of Souls
People Of Lie - World Beyond - Terror Zone
Agents Of Brutality - Material World Paranoia
Twisted Urges - Hidden Dictator - Mental Slavery

Winter Martyrium - Renewal - Reflection
Brainseed - Karmic Wheel - Realitatskontrolle
Zero to None - Europe After the Rain
Depressive Unrest

Cause For Conflict
Prevail - Catholics Despot - Progressive Prolitarians
Crisis Of Disorder - Hate Inside Your Head
Bomb Threat - Men Without God - Lost
Dogmatic Authority - Sculpture Of Regret
Celestial Deliverance - State Opression - Isolation

Violent Revolution
Reconquering The Throne - The Patriarch
Violent Revolution - All Of The Same Blood
Servant In Heaven/King In Hell
Second Awakening - Ghetto War
Replicas Of Life - Slave Machinery
Bitter Sweet Revenge - Mind On Fire
System Decay

Enemy Of God
Enemy Of God - Impossible Brutality - Suicide Terrorist
World Anarchy - Dystopia - Voices Of The Dead
Murder Fantasies - When Death Takes Its Dominion
One Evil Comes - A Million Follow - Dying Race Apocalypse
Under A Total Blackened Sky - The Ancient Plague
Impossible Brutality

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