quarta-feira, julho 12, 2006

Exumer - Rising From The Sea

Rising From The Sea
Intro - Winds Of Death - Rising Erom The Sea
Decimation - First Supper - Unearthed
Shadows Of The Past - Are You Deaf
I Dare You - Ascension Day - Whips & Chains
Lil Ol'me - Time Out

Anvil - Metal On Metal

Metal on Metal
Metal on Metal - Mothra - Stop Me
March of the Crabs - Jackhammer
Heat Sink - Tag Team - Scenery
Tease Me, Please Me - 666
Senha/Password: war

Soul Asylum - Closer to the Stars

Closer to the Stars: Best of the Twin/Tone Years
Closer To The Stars - Can't Go Back - Jukebox Hero
Stranger - Another World, Another Day
Draggin' Me Down - Tied To The Tracks - Miracle Mile
Move Over - Never Really Been - No Man's Land
Freaks - Carry On - Long Way Home
Crashing Down - Ship Of Fools
Senha/Password: skafunkrastapunk.com

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Pronounced Leh-Nerd Skin-Nerd

Pronounced Leh-Nerd Skin-Nerd
Ain't The One - Tuesday's Gone - Gimme Three Steps
Simple Man - Things Goin' On - Mississippi Kid
Poison Whiskey - Free Bird
Senha/Password: Pls

Many thanks to the original uploader

Edu Falaschi - Almah

King - Take Back Your Spell - Forgotten Land
Scary Zone - Children Of Lies - Break All The Welds
Golden Empire - Primitive Chaos - Breathe
Box Of Illusion - Almah

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