quarta-feira, julho 26, 2006

Stereophonics - Performance and Cocktails

Performance and Cocktails
Roll Up And Shine - The Bartender And The Thief
Hurry Up And Wait - Pick A Part That's New
Just Looking - Half The Lies You Tell Ain't True
I Wouldn't Believe Your Radio - T- Shirt Suntan
Is Yesterday, Tomorrow, Today? - A Minute Longer
She Takes Her Clothes Of - Plastic California
I Stopped To Fill My Car Up
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Audioslave - Audioslave

Cochise - Show Me How To Live - Gasoline
What You Are - Like A Stone - Set It Off
Shadow On The Sun - I Am The Highway
Exploder - Hypnotize - Bring 'Em Back Alive
Light My Way - Getaway Car - The Last Remaining Light
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Rob Zombie - Past, Present & Future

Past, Present & Future
thunder kiss '65 - black sunshine - feed the gods
more human than human - super charger heaven
i'm your boogieman - hands of death
the great american nightmare - dragula
living dead girl - superbeast - feel so numb
never gonna stop - demon speeding
brickhouse 2003 - p*ssy liguor - blizkreig bop
two-lane blacktop - girl on fire
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Carlos Santana - Supernatural

da le yaleo - love of my life - put your lights on
africa bamba - smooth - do you like the way
maria maria - migra - corazon espinado
wishing it was - primavera - wherever you will go
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The Rolling Stones - Voodoo Lounge

Voodoo Lounge
Love Is Strong - You Got Me Rocking
Sparks Will Fly - The Worst - New Faces
Moon Is Up - Out Of Tears - I Go Wild
Brand New Car - Sweethearts Together
Suck On The Jugular - Blinded By Rainbows
Baby Break It Down - Thru And Thru - Mean Disposition
Download 1-2 & Download 2-2

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