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Roxette - 07 CDs

Baladas en Español
Un día sin ti - Crash! Boom! Bang! - Directamente a Ti
No sé si es amor - Cuanto lo siento - Tímida
Habla el corazón - Como la lluvia en el cristal
Soy una mujer - Quiero ser como tú
Una reina va detrás de un rey - El día del Amor

Don't Bore Us - Get To The Chorus!
Roxette's Greatest Hits

June Afternoon - You Don't Understand Me - The Look
Dressed For Success - Listen To Your Heart - Dangerous
It Must Have Been Love - Joyride - Fading Like A Flower
The Big L. - Spending My Time - How Do You Do!
Almost Unreal - Sleeping In My Car - Crash! Boom! Bang!
Vulnerable - She Doesn't Live Here Anymore
I Don't Want To Get Hurt

Have A Nice Day
Crush On You - Wish I Could Fly - You Can't Put Your Arms Around...
Waiting For The Rain - Anyone -It Will Take a Long Long Time
7TWENTY7 - I Was So Lucky - Stars - Salvation - Pay The Price
Cooper - Staring At The Ground - Beautiful Things
Quisiera Volar - Alguien - Lo Siento

Joyride - Hotblooded - Fading Like A Flower
Knockin' On Every Door - Spending My Time
I Remember You - Watercolours In The Rain
The Big L. - Soul Deep - (Do You Get) Excited?
Church Of Your Heart - Small Talk - Physical Fascination
Things Will Never Be The Same - Perfect Day

Pearls of Passion
Soul Deep - Secrets That She Keeps - Goodbye To You
I Call Your Name - Surrender - Voices - Neverending Love
Call Of The Wild - Joy Of A Toy - From One Heart To Another
Like Lovers Do - So Far Away - Pearls Of Passion
It Must Have Been Love - Turn To Me

Room Service
Real Sugar - The centre of the heart - Milk And Toast And Honey
Jefferson - Little Girl - Looking for Jane - Bringing me down to my knees
Make my head go pop - Try (just a little bit harder) - Fool
It takes you no time to get here - My world, my love, my life
Entering your heart

How Do You Do! - Fingertips - The Look
The Heart Shaped Sea - The Rain - Keep Me Waiting
It Must Have Been Love - Cinnamon Street
Never Is A Long Time - Silver Blue
Here Comes The Weekend - So Far Away
Come Back - Things Will Never Be The Same
Joyride - Queen Of Rain

Avantasia - The Metal Opera Pt.II

The Metal Opera Pt.II
The Seven Angels - No Return
The Looking Glass - In Quest For
The Final Sacrifice - Neverland
Anywhere - Chalice Of Agony
Memory - Into The Unknown
Download 1-2 - Download 2-2

Firehouse - 03 CDs

Firehouse 3
Love Is A Dangerous Thing - What's Wrong
Somethin' 'Bout Your Body - Trying To Make A Living
Here For You - Get A Life - Two Sides - No One At All
Temptation - I Live My Life For You

Rock On The Radio - All She Wrote - Shake & Tumble
Don't Treat Me Bad - Oughta Be A Law - Lover's Lane
Home Is Where The Heart Is - Don't Walk Away
Seasons Of Change - Overnight Sensation
Love Of A Lifetime - Helpless

Hold Your Fire
Reach For The Sky - Rock You Tonight
Sleeping With You - You're Too Bad
When I Look Into Your Eyes - Get In Touch
Hold Your Fire - The Meaning Of Love
Talk Of The Town - Life In The Real World
Mama Didn't Raise No Fool - Hold The Dream
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Soul Asylum - Grave Dancers Union

Grave Dancers Union
Somebody To Shove - Black Gold - Runaway Train
Keep It Up - Homesick - Get On Out - New World
April Fool - Without A Trace - Growing Into You
99% - The Sun Maid
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Phil Collins - Testify

Wake Up Call - Come With Me - Testify
Don't Get Me Started - Swing Low
It's Not Too Late - This Love This Heart
Driving Me Crazy - The Least You Can Do
Can't Stop Loving You - Through My Eyes
You Touch My Heart
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Luca Turilli - Prophet Of The Last Eclipse

Prophet Of The Last Eclipse
Aenigma - War of the Universe
Rider of the Astral Fire - Zaephyr Skies' Theme
The Age of Mystic Ice - Prince of the Starlight
Timeless Oceans - Demonheart
New Century's Tarantella - Prophet of the Last Eclipse
Dark Comet's Reign - Demonheart (bonus track)
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