terça-feira, maio 09, 2006

Doro - Classic Diamonds

Classic Diamonds
I Rule The Ruins - Metal Tango - Breaking The Law
All We Are - Fuer Immer - Let Love Rain On Me
Burn It Up - Tausend Mal Gelebt - I'm In Love With You
Always Live To Win - Undying
Love Me In Black - She's Like Thunder
Download 1-2 - Download 2-2

Metal Ballads 3 & 4

Coletânea com as bandas Scorpions, Great White,
Skid Row, Accept, Motley Crue, Winger e muitos outros...

Relação de músicas

Metal Ballads 3 & 4
CD 1
Download CD1-1 - Download CD1-2

CD 2
Download CD2-1 - Download CD2-2 - Download CD2-3

Bangles - Collections 2006

Collections 2006
Walk Like An Egyptian - Walking Down Your Street
Manic Monday - My Side Of The Bed
If She Knew What She Wants - Be With You
Following - In A Different Light - Unconditional Love
Hazy Shade Of Winter - In Your Room
I'll Set You Free - No Kind Of Love
Everything I Wanted - Going Down To Liverpool
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Metallica - Enter Sandman EP

Enter Sandman EP
Enter Sandman
Stone Cold Crazy (Queen, 74)
Enter Sandman (demo)
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Twisted Sister - Under The Blade

Under The Blade
What You Don't Know (Sure Can Hurt You)
Bad Boys (Of Rock 'N' Roll) - Run For Your Life
Sin After Sin - Shoot 'Em Down - Destroyer
Under The Blade - Tear It Lose
I'll Never Grow Up Now! - Day Of The Rocker
Download1 - Download2
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Michael Kiske - Kiske

Fed By Stones - All Solutions - Knew I Would
Kings Fall - Hearts Are Free - The King Of It All
Sing My Song - Silently Craving - Truly
Painted - Sad As The World
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