terça-feira, agosto 15, 2006

Mastodon - 02 CDs

Blood And Thunder - I Am Ahab
Seabeast - Island - Iron Tusk
Megalodon - Naked Burn - Aqua Dementia
Hearts Alive - Joseph Merrick
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Crusher Destroyer - March Of The Fire Ants
Where Strides The Behemoth - Workhorse
Ol'e Nessie - Burning Man - Trainwreck
Trampled Under Hoof - Trilobite
Mother Puncher - Elephant Man
Emerald - (bonus track)
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38 Special - The Anthology

The Anthology
Disc 1
Rockin' Into The Night - Stone Cold Believer
Money Honey - Hold On Loosely - Long Time Gone
Take Me Back - Wild-Eyed Southern Boys
Fantasy Girl - Hittin' And Runnin' - Caught Up In You
Chain Lightnin' - Rough-Housin' - You Keep Runnin' Away
Prisoners Of Rock & Roll - Twentieth Century Fox
Long Distance Affair - One Time For Old Times
Take 'Em Out (Live)
Disc 2
If I'd Been The One - Back Where You Belong
Teacher, Teacher - Somebody Like You
Like No Other Night - Back To Paradise
Rock & Roll Strategy - Second Chance
The Sound Of Your Voice - Last Thing I Ever Do
Rebel To Rebel - Fade To Blue - Deja Voodoo
Homeless Guitar - Saving Grace - Just One Girl
Download 1-2 & Download 2-2
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