quinta-feira, abril 20, 2006

Helloween - 4 CDs Remasterizados 2006

Many thanks to "Metalunion" for this uploads!

Walls of Jericho 2 CDs
Starlight - Murderer - Warrior - Victim Of Fate
Cry For Freedom - Walls Of Jericho / Ride The Sky
Reptile - Guardians - Phantoms Of Death
Metal Invaders - Gorgar - Heavy Metal (Is The Law)
How Many Tears - Judas
Murderer (Remix) - Ride The Sky (Remix)
Intro / Ride The Sky (Live) - Guardians (Live)
Oernst Of Life - Metal Invaders - Surprise Track
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Keeper of the Seven Keys Part I
Initiation - I'm Alive - A Little Time - Twilight Of The Gods
A Tale That Wasn't Right - Future World - Halloween
Follow The Sign - Victim Of Fate (Single B-Side)
Starlight (Remix) - A Little Time (Alternative Version)
Halloween (Video Edit)

Keeper of the Seven Keys Part II
Invitation - Eagle Fly Free - You Always Walk Alone
Rise And Fall - Dr. Stein - We Got The Right
March Of Time - I Want Out
Keeper Of The Seven Keys - Save Us
Savage (Single B-Side) - Livin' Ain't No Crime (Single B-Side)
Don't Run For Cover (Single B-Side) - Dr. Stein (Remix)
Keeper Of The Seven Keys (Remix)
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Pink Bubbles Go Ape
Pink Bubbles Go Ape - Kids Of The Century
Back On The Streets - Number One - Heavy Metal Hamsters
Goin' Home - Someone's Crying - Mankind
I'm Doin Fine, Crazy Man - The Chance - Your Turn
Blue Suede Shoes (Single B-Side)
Shit And Lobster (Single B-Side)
Les Hambourgeois Walkways (Single B-Side)
You Run With The Pack (Single B-Side)
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Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris - All the Roadrunning

Many thanks to "warez-bb.org" for the upload!

All the Roadrunning
Beachcombing - I Dug Up A Diamond - This Is Us
Red Staggerwing - Rollin' On - Love And Happiness
Right Now - Donkey Town - Belle Starr
Beyond My Wildest Dreams - All The Roadrunning
If This Is Goodbye


Exodus - Tempo Of The Damned

Tempo Of The Damned
Star Spangled Banner - War Is My Shepherd
Blacklist - Shroud Of Urine - Forward March
Culling The Herd - Sealed With A Fist
Throwing Down - Impaler - Tempo Of The Damned
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Many thanks to original uploader "Divinefire"

Pearl Jam - Riot Act

Riot Act
Can't Keep - Save You - Love Boat Captain
Cropduster - Ghost - Am Mine - Thumbing My Way
You Are - Get Right - Green Disease - Help Help
Bushleaguer - 1/2 Full - Arc - All or None
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