sexta-feira, maio 12, 2006

Iced Earth - Alive In Athens

Alive In Athens
Disc: 1
Burning Times - Vengeance Is Mine
Pure Evil Listen - My Own Savior
Melancholy (Holy Martyr) - Dante's Inferno
The Hunter - Travel In Stygian
Slave To The Dark - A Question Of Heaven
Disc: 2
Dark Saga - Last Laugh - Last December
Watching Over Me - Angels' Holocaust
Stormrider - Path I Choose - I Died For You
Prophecy - Birth Of The Wicked
The Coming Curse - Iced Earth
Disc: 3
Stand Alone - Cast in Stone - Desert Rain
Brainwashed - Desciples of the Lie
When the Night Falls - Diary
Blessed are You - Violate
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Van Halen - Live Without A Net 1986

Live Without A Net 1986
There's Only One Way To Rock - Summer Nights
Get Up - Drum Solo - '5150' -Best Of Both Worlds
Bass Solo - Panama - Ed & Sam Jam
Love Walks In - Guitar Solo - I Can't Drive 55
Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love - Why Can't This Be Love
Rock And Roll - Wild Thing - Good Enough
Rock And Roll (Alternate Version)
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Voivod - Katorz

The Getaway - Dognation - Mr Clean
After All - Odds & Frauds - Red My Mind
Silly Clones - No Angel - The X-Stream
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The Kinks - Come Dancing With the Kinks

Come Dancing With the Kinks
The Best of the Kinks 1977-1986

Come Dancing - Low Budget
Catch Me Now I'm Falling - A Gallon Of Gas
(Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman - Sleepwalker
Full Moon - Misfits - A Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy
Do It Again - Better Things - Lola (Live)
You Really Got Me (Live) - Good Day
Living On A Thin Line - Destroyer
Don't Forget To Dance - Father Christmas
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Dead Or Alive - Evolution The Hits

Evolution The Hits
You Spin Me Round - That's The Way (I Like It)
In Too Deep - What I Want - Misty Circles
I'd Do Anything - Lover Come Back (To Me)
I'll Save You All My Kisses - Hooked On Love
Come Home - My Heart Goes Bang - Sex Drive
Turn Around And Count 2 Ten - Hit & Run Lover
Isn't It A Pity - Brand New Lover
Something In My House - You Spin Me Round
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David Bowie - Reality

New Killer Star - Pablo Picasso - Never Get Old
The Loneliest Guy - Looking for Water
She´ll Drive the Big Car - Days
Fall Dog Bombs the Moon - Try Some, Buy Some
Reality - Bring Me the Disco King
Download Parte 1 - Download Parte 2

Santana - Caravanserail

Eternal Caravan Of Reincarnation - Waves Within
Look Up - Just In Time To See The Sun
Song Of The Wind - All The Love Of The Universe
Future Primitive - Stone Flower - La Fuente Del Ritmo
Every Step Of The Way
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