terça-feira, setembro 19, 2006

Vinnie Vincent - Invasion

Boyz Are Gonna Rock - Shoot U Full Of Love
No Substitute - Animal - Twisted
Do You Wanna Make Love - Back On The Streets
I Wanna Be Your Victim - Baby-O - Invasion
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Dokken - Very Best Of Dokken

Very Best Of Dokken
Breaking The Chains - Paris Is Burning
Into The Fire - Just Got Lucky - Alone Again
Tooth And Nail - The Hunter - In My Dreams
It's Not Love - Dream Warriors
Burning Like A Flame - Heaven Sent
Mr. Scary - Walk Away - Mirror Mirror
Too High To Fly
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Leaves' Eyes - 05 CDs

Into Your Light
Into Your Light
Into Your Light (Radio Edit)
Leaves Whisper
Into Your Light (Acoustic Remix)

Norwegian Lovesong - Tale Of The Sea Maid
Ocean's Way - Lovelorn - The Dream
Secret - For Amelie - Temptation
Into Your Light - Return To Life
Into Your Light [video]

Elegy [Single Version] - Senses Capture
A Winter's Poem - Solemn Sea [Demo]
Mot Fjerne Land - Elegy [Album Version]

Vinland Saga
Vinland Saga - Farewell Proud Men
Elegy - Solemn Sea - Leaves' Eyes
The Thorn - Misseri (Turn Green Meadows Int)
Amhran (Song Of The Winds) - New Found Land
Mourning Tree - Twilight Sun - Ankomst

Legend Land
Legend Land - Skraelings
Viking's Word - The Crossing
Lyset - Legend Land (Extended Version)

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