quarta-feira, outubro 04, 2006

Evanescence - The Open Door

The Open Door
Sweet Sacrifice - Call Me When You're Sober
Weight Of The World - Lithium - Cloud Nine
Snow White Queen - Lacrymosa - Like You
Lose Control - The Only One - Your Star
All That I'm Living For - Good Enough
Senha/Password: BlueSuede

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Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Liverpool

Warriors Of Wasteland - Rage Hard
Kill The Pain - Maimum Joy - Watching The Wildlife
Lunar Bay - For Heaven's Sake
Is Anybody Out There?
Senha/Password: bms-forumz.co.uk

Many thanks to the original uploader!

Europe - Secret Society

Secret Society
Secret Society - Always The Pretenders
Love Is Not The Enemy - Wish I Could Believe
Let The Children Play - Human After All
The Getaway Plan - A Mother's Son
Forever Traveling - Brave And Beautiful Soul
Devil Sings The Blues
Senha/Password: zinhof

Many thanks to "Zinhof" the original uploader!