quarta-feira, setembro 20, 2006

John Lennon - Milk And Honey

Milk And Honey
I'm Stepping Out - Sleepless Night
I Don't Wanna Face It - Don't Be Scared
Nobody Told Me - O'Sanity - Borrowed Time
Your Hands - My Little Flower Princess
Let Me Count the Ways - Grow Old With Me
You're the One
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Nevermore - The Politics of Ecstasy

The Politics of Ecstasy
The Seven Tongues of God
This Sacrament - Next in Line
Passenger - The Politics of Ecstasy
Lost - The Tiananmen Man
Precognition - 42147 - The Learning
Love Bites (Judas Priest cover)
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Bryan Adams - Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams
Hidin' From Love - Win Some Lose Some
Wait And See - Give Me Your Love
Wastin' Time - Don't Ya Say It - Remember
State Of Mind - Try To See It My Way

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Gene Simmons - Asshole

Sweet & Dirty Love - Firestarter
Weapons of Mass Destruction
Waiting for the Morning Light
Beautiful - ***hole - Now That You're Gone
Whatever Turns You On - Dog
Black Tongue - Carnival of Souls
If I Had a Gun - 1,000 Dreams
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Dream Theater - Made in Japan

Made in Japan - Deep Purple Covers
Highway Star - Child in Time
Smoke on the Water - The Mule
Strange Kind of Woman - Lazy
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