quarta-feira, maio 24, 2006

T.A.T.U. - 02 CDs

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Dangerous and Moving

All About Us

Iron Maiden - 13 CDs

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No Prayer For The Dying - Piece Of Mind

Powerslave - The Number Of The Beast

The X-Factor - Virtual XI

Somewhere In Time - Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son

Killers - Iron Maiden

Brave New World - Dance Of Death

Fear Of The Dark

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Hammerfall - 4 CDs

Glory To The Brave
Dragon Lies Bleeding - Metal Age - Hammerfall
I Believe - Child Of The Damned - Steel Meets Steel
Stone Cold - Unchained - Glory To The Brave

Templars Of Steel - Keep The Flame Burning
Renegade - Living In Victory - Always Will Be
The Way Of The Warrior - Destined For Glory
The Champion - Raise The Hammer (instrumental)
A Legend Reborn

Crimson Thunder
Riders Of The Storm - Hearts On Fire - On The Edge Of Honour
Crimson Thunder - Lore Of The Arcane - Trailblazers
Dreams Come True - Angel Of Mercy - The Unforgiving Blade
In Memoriam - Hero's Return - Rising Force

ChapterV - Unbent Unbowed Unbroken
Secrets - Blood Bound - Fury Of The Wild
Hammer Of Justice - Never, Ever
Born To Rule - The Templar Flame
Imperial - Take The Black
Knights Of The 21st Century

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Def Leppard - Yeah!

20th Century Boy - Rock On - Hanging On The Telephone
Waterloo Sunset - Hell Raiser - 10538 Overture
Street Life - Drive-In Saturday - Little Bit Of Love
The Golden Age Of Rock 'n' Roll - No Matter What
He's Gonna Step On You Again - Don't Believe A Word
Stay With Me

Many thanks to "Texas Homie2K4" from Warez-BB.org

Exodus - Live 2001

Live In San Francisco 2001
The Last Act Of Defiance - Pleasures Of The Flesh
Till Death Do Us Part - A Lesson In Violence
Deliver Us To Evil - Corruption - Brain Dead
No Love - And Then There Were None
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Possessed - Seven Churches

Seven Churches
The Exorcist - Pentagram - Burning In Hell
Evil Warriors - Seven Churches - Satan's Curse
Holy Hell - Twisted Minds - Fallen Angel - Death Metal
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