domingo, junho 04, 2006

Dio - Master Of The Moon

Master Of The Moon
One More for the Road - Master of the Moon
The End of the World - Shivers
The Man Who Would Be King - The Eyes
Living the Lie - I Am - Death by Love
In Dreams

Many thanks to "WeTaMaN" the original uploader

The White Stripes - De Stijl

De Stijl
You're Pretty Good Looking - Hello Operator
Little Bird - Apple Blossom - I'm Bound To Pack It Up
Death Letter - Sister, Do You Know My Name?
Truth Doesn't Make A Noise - A Boy's Best Friend
Let' Build A Home - Jumble, Jumble
Why Can't You Be Nicer To Me
Your Southern Can Is Mine

Rod Stewart - Storyteller

Storyteller: The Complete Anthology
Download CD 1
Download CD 2
Download CD 3
Download CD 4

Evanescence - Sound Asleep

Sound Asleep
Give Unto Me - Whisper (Demo)
Understanding (EP Version) - Forgive Me
Understanding (Evanescence EP Version)
Ascension of the Spirit

Kaiser Chiefs - Employment

Everyday I Love You Less and Less
I Predict A Riot - Modern Way - Na Na Na Na Naa
You Can Have It All - Oh My God
Born To Be A Dancer - Saturday Night
What Did I Ever Give You - Time Honoured Tradition
Caroline, Yes - Team Mate
Download 1-2 - Download 2-2

Many thanks to "NeXuS" the original uploader!