quarta-feira, março 29, 2006

Sodom - Sodom

Blood On Your Lips - Wanted Dead - Buried In The Justice Ground
City Of God - Bibles And Guns - Axis Of Evil - Lords Of Depravity
No Captures - Lay Down The Law - Nothing To Regret - The Enemy Inside
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DragonForce - 02 CDs

Valley Of The Damned
Revelations - Evening Star - Heart of a Dragon
Invocation Of Apocalyptic Evil - Valley Of The Damned
Black Fire - Black Winter Night - Starfire
Disciples Of Babylon
Parte1 - Parte2 - Parte3 - Parte4

Inhuman Rampage
Through the Fire and Flames - Revolution Deathsquad
Storming the Burning Fields - Operation Ground and Pound
Body Breakdown - Cry For Eternity - The Flame of Youth
Trail of Broken Hearts
Parte1 - Parte2