quarta-feira, abril 19, 2006

Majesty - Hellforces

Many thanks to original uploader "crom1967" from "metalunion"

The Blessing - Hellforces - Dance With The Demon
Sons Of A New Millennium - Heavy Metal Desire
March For Victory - Like A Raptor
Guardians Of The Dragon Grail - Freedom Heart
Fight Forever - Nowhere Man - Metal Law 2006
Guardians Of The Dragongrail (Orchestral)
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Savatage - Power Of The Night

Agradecimentos ao uploader "Klaucius" do "Kings of Metal"

Power Of The Night
Power Of The Night - Unusual - Warriors
Necrophilia - Washed Out - Hard For Love
Fountain Of Youth - Skull Session
Stuck On You - In The Dream
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Tracy Chapman - Tracy Chapman

Many thanks to original uploader "Sundle"

Tracy Chapman
Talkin' bout A Revolution - Fast Car
Across The Lines - Behind The Wall
Baby Can I Hold You - Mountains O' Things
Shes Got Her Ticket - Why? - For My Lover
If Not Now... - For you

Iggy Pop - Unreleased Songs

Unreleased Songs
Fire Engine - Warrior Tribe - Old Mule Skinner
Family Affair - Woman Dream - I Got A Right
Gimme Some Skin - Rock Action - Modern Guy
Run Like A Villain - Eat Or Be Eaten - Sixteen
Love Bone - The Winter Of My Discontent
Puppet World - One For My Baby - Hassles
Flesh & Blood - I’m Crying - I’m Alright
You Really Got Me - Batman Theme
Louie Louie/Hang On Sloopy
No Fun/Waiting For My Man - 96 Tears.
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Ian Gillan - Gillan's Inn

Many thanks to original uploader "Bluefox"

Gillan's Inn
Unchain Your Brain - Bluesy Blue Sea
Day Late And A Dollar Short - Hang Me Out To Dry
Men Of War - When A Blind Man Cries - Sugar Plum
Trashed - No Worries - Smoke On The Water
No Laughing In Heaven - Speed King
Loving On Borrowed Time - I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
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