domingo, maio 28, 2006

Tankard - Fat Ugly and Still Alive

Fat Ugly and Still Alive
Need Money for Beer - The Morning After - Zombie Attack
Slipping form Reality - Minds on the Moon - Beermuda
New Liver Please! - Maniac Forces - Queen of Hearts
Die with A Beer in Your Hand - Nation Over Nation
Dancing on Out Grave- Alcohol- Don't Panic- Space Beer
Rectifier- Hope?- Beyond the Pubyard - We're Coming Back
Chemical Invasion- Poison - Alien- Freibier - Empty Tankard
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B.B. King & E. Clapton - Riding With The King

Riding With The King
Riding With the King - Ten Long Years- Key to the Highway
Marry You - Three O'Clock Blues - Help the Poor
I Wanna Be - Worried Life Blues - Days of Old
When My Heart Beats Like a Hammer
Hold On! I'm Comin' - Come Rain or Come Shine

Dio - 3 CDs

Lock Up The Wolves
Wild One - Born On The Sun - Hey Angel
Between Two Hearts - Night Music
Lock Up The Wolves - Evil On Queen Street
Walk On Water - Twisted
Why Are They Watching Me - My Eyes

Master Of The Moon
One More For The Road - Master Of The Moon
The End Of The World - Shivers
The Man Who Would Be King - The Eyes
Living The Lie - I Am - Death By Love
In Dreams

Sacred Heart
Jesus Mary & The Holy Ghost - Firehead
Strange Highways - Hollywood Black
Evilution - Pain - One Foot In The Grave
Give Her The Gun - Blood From A Stone
Here's To You - Bring Down The Rain

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