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Slayer - Soundtrack To The Apocalypse

Soundtrack To The Apocalypse - 04 CDs
Angel Of Death - Criminally Insane - Postmortem
Raining Blood - Aggressive Perfector
South Of Heaven - Silent Scream - Live Undead
Mandatory Suicide - Spill The Blood - War Ensemble
Dead Skin Mask - and more...
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Placebo - 07 CDs

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Come Home - Teenage Angst - Bionic - 36 Degrees
Hang On To Your IQ - Nancy Boy - I Know
Bruise Pristine - Lady Of The Flowers
Swallow - H.K. Farewell

Without You I'm Nothing
Pure Morning - Brick ~censored~
You Don't Care About Us - Ask For Answers
Without You I'm Nothing - Allergic - The Crawl
Every You Every Me - My Sweet Prince
Summer's Gone - Scared Of Girls
Burger Queen - Evil Dildo

Black Market Music
Taste In Men - Days Before You Came
Special K - Spite & Malice - Passive Aggressive
Black Eyed - Blue American - Slave To The Wage
Commercial For Levi - Haemoglobin
Narcoleptic - Peeping Tom - Black Market Blood

Sleeping With Ghosts
Bulletproof Cupid - English Summer Rain
This Picture - Sleeping With Ghosts - The Bitter End
Something Rotten - Plasticine - Special Needs
I'll Be Yours - Second Sight - Protect Me From What I Want
Centrefolds - Running Up That Hill - Where Is My Mind
Bigmouth Strikes Again - Johnny and Mary
20th Century Boy - The Ballad of Melody Nelson
Holocaust - I Feel You - Daddy Cool - Jackie
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Once More With Feeling Singles 1996-2004
CD 1 - Download
36 Degrees - Teenage Angst - Nancy Boy - Bruise Pristine
Pure Morning - You Don’t Care About Us -Every You Every Me
Without You I’m Nothing (featuring David Bowie) - Taste In Men
Slave To The Wage - Special K - Black-Eyed - The Bitter End
This Picture - Special Needs - English Summer Rain
Protège Moi - I Do - Twenty Years
CD 2 - Download
Special K - Without You I'm Nothing - Every You Every Me
Protège Moi - Slave To The Wage - Pure Morning
Taste In Men - Black-Eyed - English Summer Rain
This Picture

Meds - Infra-red - Drag - Space Monkey
Follow The Cops Back Home - Post Blue
Because I Want You - Blind - Pierrot The Clown
Broken Promise - One Of A Kind
In The Cold Light Of Morning - Song To Say Goodbye

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Cabaret Of Desire
Special K - Commercial For Levi - Hang On To Your Iq
My Sweet Prince - Holocaust - Haemoglobin
Peeping Tom - Teenage Angst
Taste In Men - Slave To The Wage
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Whitesnake - Starkers in Tokyo

Starkers in Tokyo
Sailing Ships - Too Many - The Deeper the Love
Love Ain't No Stranger - Can't Go On
Give Me All Your Love - Don't Fade Away
Is This Love - Here I Go Again - Soldier of Fortune
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Creed - My Own Prison

My Own Prison
Torn - Ode - My Own Prison - Pity For A Dime
In America - Illusion - Unforgiven
Sister - What's This Life For - One
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The Smiths - 05 CDs

The Queen Is Dead
The Queen Is Dead - Frankly, Mr. Shankly
I Know It's Over - Never Had No One Ever
Cemetry Gates - Bigmouth Strikes Again
The Boy With the Thorn in His Side
Vicar in a Tutu - There Is a Light That...
Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others

Meat Is Murder
Barbarism Begins At Home - How Soon Is Now
I Want The One I Can't Have - Meat Is Murder
Nowhere Fast - Rusholme Ruffians
That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore - The Headmaster Ritual
Well I Wonder - What She Said

Strangeways, Here We Come
A Rush and a Push... - I Started Something..
Death of a Disco Dancer - Girlfriend in a Coma
Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before
Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
Unhappy Birthday - Paint a Vulgar Picture
Death at One's Elbow - I Won't Share You

Louder Than Bombs
Is It Really So Strange? - Sheila Take a Bow
Shoplifters of the World Unite - Sweet & Tender Hooligan
Half a Person - London - Panic - Girl Afraid
Shakespeare's Sister - William, It Was Really Nothing
You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby - Heaven Knows...
Ask - Golden Lights - Oscillate Wildly - These Things...
Rubber Ring - Back to the Old House - Hand in Glove
Stretch Out and Wait - Please Please Please Let Me...
This Night Has Opened... - Unloveable - Asleep
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Hatful of Hollow
William, It Was Really Nothing - What Difference...
These Things Take Time - This Charming Man
How Soon Is Now? - Handsome Devil - Hand In Glove
Still Ill - Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
This Night Has Opened... - You've Got Everything Now
Accept Yourself - Girl Afraid - Back To The Old House
Reel Around The Fountain Please Please...

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Destruction - The Antichrist

The Antichrist
Days Of Confusion - Thrash Till Death
Nailed To The Cross - Dictators Of Cruelty
Bullets From Hell - Strangulated Pride
Meet Your Destiny - Creations Of The Underworld
Godfather Of Slander - Let Your Mind Rot
The Heretic - Curse The Gods