sábado, maio 27, 2006

Nevermore - 03 CDs

Dead Heart In A Dead World
Narcosynthesis - We Disintegrate - Inside Four Walls
Evolution 169 - The River Dragon Has Come
The Heart Collector - Engines of Hate
The Sound of Silence (Simon & Garfunkel cover)
Insignificant - Believe in Nothing
Dead Heart in a Dead World - Love Bites
All The Cowards Hide - Chances Three

Enemies of Reality
Enemies of Reality - Ambivalent - Never Purify
Tomorrow Turned into Yesterday - I, Voyager
Create the Infinite - Who Decides - Noumenon
Seed Awakening

This Godless Endeavor
Born - Final Product - My Acid Words
Bittersweet Feast - Sentient 6 - Medicated Nation
The Holocaust of Thought - Sell My Heart For Stones
The Psalm of Lydia - A Future Uncertain -
This Godless Endeavor

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New Model Army - The Love Of Hopeless Causes

The Love Of Hopeless Causes
Here Comes The War - Fate
Living In The Rose - White Light
Believe It - Understand U - My People
These words - Afternoon Song
Bad Old World

Apocalyptica - Amplified

Amplified - A Decade of Reinventing the Cello
Enter Sandman - Harmageddon - Nothing Else Matters
Refuse /resist - Somewhere Around Nothing
Betrayal - Farewell - Master of Puppets
Hall of the Mountain King - One - Heat
Cohkka - Kaamos - Deathzone - Angel of Death
Repressed - Path Vol.2 - Bittersweet
Hope Vol.2 - En Vie - Faraway Vol.2
Life Burns - Seemann
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