quinta-feira, maio 25, 2006

Dead Kennedys - In God We Trust, Inc.

In God We Trust, Inc.
Religious Vomit - Moral Majority
Hyperactive Child - Kepone Factory
Dog Bite - Nazi Punks Fuck Off!
We've Got a Bigger Problem Now
Senha/Password: killthepoor

Vision Divine - The Perfect Machine

The Perfect Machine
The Perfect Machine - 1st Day Of A Never-Ending Day
The Ancestors Blood - Land Of Fear - God Is Dead
Rising Sun - Here In 6048 - The River
Now That Youve Gone - The Needle Lies

Metal Church - A Light In The Dark

A Light In The Dark
A Light in the Dark - Beyond All Reason
Mirror of Lies - Disappear - The Believer
Temple of the Sea - Pill for the Kill
Son of the Son - More than Your Master
Blinded by Life - Watch the Children Pray (2006 version)
Senha/Password: www.metalunion.org

Many thanks to "Hellraiser" from "Metal Discharge" for this upload.

Dio - Holy Dive Live

Holy Dive Live
Stand Up & Shout - Holy Diver - Gypsy
Caught In The Middle - Don't Talk To Strangers
Straight Through The Heart - Invisible
Rainbow In The Dark - Shame On The Night
Tarot Woman - Sign Of The Southern Cross
One Night In The City - Gates Of Babylon
Heaven & Hell - Man On The Silver Mountain
Long Live Rock 'N' Roll - We Rock
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