quarta-feira, junho 07, 2006

Children of Bodom - Bestbreeder from 1997 to 2000

Bestbreeder from 1997 to 2000
Rebel Yell - In The Shadows - Lake Bodom
Warheart - Silent Night, Bodom Night
Towards Dead End - Children Of Bodom
Deadnight Warrior (Live) - Hatebreeder (Live)
Touch Like Angel Of Death (Live) - Downfall (Live)
Follow The Reaper - Bodom After Midnight
Everytime I Die - Mask Of Sanity
Hate Me! - Kissing The Shadows
Senha/Password: awata

Kiss - 02 CDs

Fique devendo estes 2 cds... aproveitem!

MTV Unplugged
Comin’ Home - Plaster Caster - Goin’ Blind
Do You Love Me - Domino
Sure Know Something - A World Without Heroes
Rock Bottom - See You Tonight
I Still Love You - Every Time I Look At You
2,000 Man -Beth - Nothin’ To Lose
Rock And Roll All Night

Music From The Elder
The Oath - Fanfare - Just A Boy
Dark Light - Only You - Under The Rose
A World Without Heroes - Mr. Blackwell
Escape From The Island - Odyssey
I - Finale

Password for all ZIPs: Feed Your Head

Alice Cooper - Live at Montreux 2006

Live at Montreux 2006
Department Of Youth - No More Mr Nice Guy
Dirty Diamonds - Billion Dollar Babies - Be My Lover
Lost in America - I Never Cry
Woman of Mass Destruction - I'm Eighteen
Between High School And Old School
What Do You Want From Me
Is it My Body - Go to Hell - The Black Widow
Gimme - Feed My Frankenstein
Welcome to My Nightmare - The Awakening
Steven - Only Women Bleed - Ballad of Dwight Fry
Killer - I Love the Dead - Schools Out - Poison
Wish I Were Born in Beverly Hills - Under My Wheels
Download 1-2 - Download 2-2
Senha/Password: galmuchet

Many thanks to "galmuchet" the original uploader

Lacuna Coil - Karmacode

Fragile - To The Edge - Our Truth
Within Me - Devoted - You Create
What I See - Fragments Of Faith
Closer - In Visible Light - The Game
Without Fear - Enjoy The Silence