sexta-feira, junho 30, 2006

Ozzy Osbourne - Box Set 4 CDs

Prince of Darkness Box Set
Disc 1
I Don't Know - Mr. Crowley - Crazy Train
Goodbye to Romance - Suicide Solution
Over the Mountain - Flying High Again
You Can't Kill Rock and Roll - Diary of a Madman
Bark at the Moon - Spiders - Rock 'N' Roll Rebel
You're No Different
Disc 2
Ultimate Sin - Never Know Why
Thank God for the Bomb - Crazy Babies
Breakin' All the Rules - I Don't Want to Change...
Mama, I'm Coming Home - Desire - No More Tears
Won't Be Coming Home (S.I.N.) - Perry Mason
See You on the Other Side - Walk on Water
Gets Me Through - Bang Bang - Dreamer
Disc 3
Iron Man - N.I.B. - Purple Haze - Pictures of Matchstick Men
Shake Your Head (Let's Go to Bed) - Born to Be Wild
Nowhere to Run (Vapor Trail) - Psycho Man
For Heaven's Sake 2000 - I Ain't No Nice Guy
Therapy - Stayin' Alive - Dog, The Bounty Hunter
Disc 4
21st Century Schizoid Man - Mississippi Queen
All the Young Dudes - In My Life - Fire
For What It's Worth - Sympathy for the Devil
Working Class Hero - Good Times - Changes
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Holy Dio - A Tribute To the Voice Of Metal

A Tribute To the Voice Of Metal
Don't talk to Strangers - Kill the King - Egypt
Children of the Sea - Sign of the Southern Cross
Rainbow Eyes - Long Live Rock 'n' Roll - Country Girl
Gates of Babylon
We Rock - Man on the Silver Mountain - Holy Diver
Kill the King - Still I'm Sad - Heaven & Hell
Neon Knights - Shame on the Night
The Last in Line - Temple of the King
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Hammerfall - 06 Singles

Glory To The Brave
Glory To The Brave (radio edit)
Ravenlord - I Believe (live) - Glory To The Brave

Heeding The Call
Heeding The Call - Eternal Dark
The Metal Age (live) - Steel Meets Steel (live)
Stone Cold (live)

I Want Out
I Want Out - At The End Of The Rainbow
Man On The Silver Mountain

Renegade - Run With The Devil
Head Over Heels

Always Will Be
Always Will Be - The Fallen One
Always Will Be (acoustic version)
Breaking The Law

Hearts On Fire
Hearts On Fire - We're Gonna Make It
Heeding The Call (live)

Adam & The Ants - The Very Best Of

The Very Best Of Adam & The Ants
Stand and Deliver - Kings of the Wild Frontier
Dog Eat Dog - Wonderful - Room at the Top
Apollo 9 - Car Trouble - Friends
Desperate But Not Serious - Prince Charming
Goody Two Shoes - Puss\'n Boots - Friend or Foe
Strip - Vive le Rock - Zerox - Antmusic - Deutscher Girls
Ant Rap - Kick - Young Parisians
Can\'t See Rules About Love
Senha/Password: purgatory