terça-feira, fevereiro 07, 2006

Stratovarius - 5 CDs

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Will My Soul Ever Rest in Peace? - Falling Into Fantasy
The Curtains Are Falling - Requiem - Bloodstone
Kill the King - I Surrender - Keep the Flame
Why Are We Here? - What Can I Say - Dream With Me
When the Night Meets the Day - It´s a Mystery
Cold Winter Nights -
Hunting High & Low

Elements Part 1
Eagleheart - Soul of a Vagabond - Find Your Own Voice
Fantasia - Learning to Fly -
Stratofortress -
Elements - A Drop in the Ocean

Elements Part 2
Alpha & Omega - I Walk To My Own Song
I´m Still Alive - Season Of Faith´s Perfection

Awaken The Giant - Know The Difference
Luminous - Dreamweaver - Liberty

Hunting High and Low - Millennium - Mother Gaia
Phoenix - Glory of the World - A Million Light Years Away
Freedom - Infinity -
Celestial Dream

Maniac Dance - Fight!!! - Just Carry on
Back to Madness - Gypsy in Me
Götterdämmerung (Zenith of Power)
The Land of Ice And Snow - Leave the Tribe

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