terça-feira, agosto 01, 2006

Power Quest - 03 CDs

Wings Of Forever
Prelude To Destiny - Wings Of Forever
Far Away - Glory Tonight - Power Quest
Beyond The Stars - Immortal Plains
Follow Your Heart - Freedom Of Thought
Distant Lands - Gates Of Tomorrow

Neverworld (Power Quest Part II) - Temple of Fire
Edge of Time - Sacred Land - When I'm Gone
For Evermore - Well Of Souls - Into The Light
Lost Without You - Multimedia section

Magic Never Dies
Ascension - Find my Heaven
Galaxies Unknown - Hold On To Love
Diamond Sky - The Message - Soulfire
Children Of The Dream - Strike Force
Another World - Magic Never Dies
The Longest Night

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Many thanks to "Narcissus1" for this uploads!

Kenny Rogers - Water & Bridges

Water & Bridges
Water & Bridges - Someone Is Me
Someone Somewhere Tonight
I Can't Unlove You - Calling Me
Half A Man - I Can Feel You Drifting
The Last Ten Years - You'll Know Love
My Petition - One Life
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Red Hot Chili Peppers - One Hot Minute

One Hot Minute
Warped - Aeroplane - Deep Kick
My Friends - Coffee Shop - Pea
One Big Mob - Walkabout - Tearjerker
One Hot Minute - Falling into Grace
Shallow Be Thy Game - Transcending
Senha/Password: killthepoor

Many thanks to the original uploader!

Lemonheads - Creator

Burying Ground - Sunday Clang Bang Clang
Out - Your Home Is Where Your Happy - Falling
Die Right Now - Two Week In Another Town
Plaster Caster - Come To The Window
Take Her Down - Postcard - Live Without
Luke - Interview with Lemonheads - Mallo Cup
Senha/Password: eldorado

Many thanks to "James" from WhereIsIt