domingo, março 19, 2006

Van Halen - Van Halen

Van Halen
Runnin' With The Devil - Eruption - You Really Got Me
Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love - I'm The One - Jamie's Cryin'
Atomic Punk - Feel Your Love Tonight - Little Dreamer
Ice Cream Man - On Fire

Butthole Surfers - Rembrandt Pussyhorse

Rembrandt Pussyhorse
Creep in the cellar - Sea ferring - American woman
Waiting for jimmy to kick - Strangers die - Perry
Whirling hall of knives - Mark says alright - And in the cellar.
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Joe Satriani - Super Colossal

Super Colossal
Super Colossal - Just Like Lightnin' - It's So Good - Redshift Riders
Ten Words - A Cool New Way - One Robot's Dream
The Meaning of Love - Made of Tears - Theme for a Strange World
Movin' On - A Love Eternal - Crowd Chant
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Arch Enemy - 2 CDs

Anthems of Rebellion

Doomsday Machine