quarta-feira, setembro 06, 2006

R.E.M. - Monster

What's the Frequency, Kenneth?
Crush With Eyeliner - King of Comedy
I Don't Sleep, I Dream - Star 69
Strange Currencies - Tongue
Bang and Blame - I Took Your Name
Let Me In - Circus Envy - You
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D.R.I. - Live At Hollywood Paladium

Live At Hollywood Paladium
Intro - Trashard - Acidrain - Mad Man
Couch Slouch - Argument Then War
The Application - I Don't Need Society
Hardball - Violent Pacification - Beneath The Wheel
The Explorer - Cummuter Man - You Say I'm Scum
Five Year Plan - Suit And Tie Guy
Nursing Home Blues
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The Clash - The Singles

The Singles
White Riot - Remote Control - Complete Control
Clash City Rockers - In Hammersmith Palais
Tommy Gun - English Civil War - I Fought The Law
London Calling - Train In Vain - Bankrobber
The Call Up - Hitsville UK - The Magnificent Seven
This Is Radio Clash - Know Your Rights
Rock The Casbah - Should I Stay Or Should I Go
Bonus - Rock The Casbah
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Poison - The Best Of Poison

The Best Of Poison: 20 Years Of Rock
Talk Dirty To Me - I Want Action - I Won't Forget You
Cry Tough - Look What The Cat Dragged In
Nothin' But A Good Time - Fallen Angel
Every Rose Has Its Thorn - Your Mama Don't Dance
Unskinny Bop - Rock And Roll All Nite - Ride The Wind
Something To Believe In - Life Goes On - Stand
The Last Song - Shooting Star - We’re An American Band
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Enya - Only Time: The Collection

Only Time: The Collection
CD 1
Watermark - Exile - Aldebaran - March Of The Celts
Boadicea - The Sun In The Stream - On Your Shore
Cursum Perficio - Storms In Africa (Original Version)
The Celts - Miss Clare Remembers - I Want Tomorrow
CD 2
Orinoco Flow - Ebudae - River - The Longships
Na Laetha Geal M'ÓIge - Book Of Days
Shepherd Moons - Caribbean Blue - Evacuee
Evening Falls - LothlÓRien - Marble Halls
CD 3
After Ventus - No Holly For Miss Quinn
The Memory Of Trees - Anywhere Is
Athair Ar Neamh - China Roses
How Can I Keep From Singing - Hope Has A Place
Tea House Moon - Pax Deorum - Eclipse
CD 4
Only Time - A Day Without Rain
Song Of The Sandman - Willows On The Water
Wild Child - Flora's Secret - Fallen Embers
Tempus Vernum - One By One - The First Of Autumn
Lazy Days - May It Be - Silent Night
Download CD 1 & Download CD 2
Download CD 3 & Download CD 4

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The Varukers - The Punk Singles 1981-1985

The Punk Singles 1981-1985
Protest And Survive - No Scapegoat - Soldier Boy
Never Again - I Don't Want To Be Your Victim
Dance 'Til You're Dead - No Masters No Slaves
Die For Your Government - All Systems Fail
Led To The Slaughter - The End Is High
You're Dead - Another Religion Another War
No Escape - Condemned To Death - The Last War
Who Pays? - Neglected - Deadly Games
Seek Shelter In Hell - Massacred Millions
Thatcher's Fortress - Will They Never Learn
The Bomb Blast
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Carcass - Swansong

Keep On Rotting In The Free World
Tomorrow Belongs To Nobody - Black Star
Cross My Heart - Childs Play - Room 101
Polarized - Generation Hexed - Firm Hand
R---k The Vote - Don't Believe A Word
Go To Hell
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