sexta-feira, agosto 04, 2006

Axel Rudi Pell - 03 CDs

Atendendo a pedidos:

Oceans Of Time - Slaves Of The Twilight
Pay The Price - Carousel - Ashes From The Oath
Ride The Rainbow - The Gates Of The Seven Seals
Oceans Of Time - Prelude To The Moon
Living On The Wildside - Holy Creatures

The Masquerade Ball
The Arrival - Earls Of Black - Voodoo Nights
Night And Rain - The Masquerade Ball
Tear Down The Walls - The Line - Hot Wheels
The Temple Of The Holy - July Morning

Kings And Queens
The Gate - Flyin' High - Cold Heaven
Strong As A Rock - Forever Angel
Legions Of Hell - Only The Strong Will Survive
Sailing Away - Take The Crown - Sea Of Evil

Agradecimentos a "Fireball" do Lágrima Psicodélica por este post!


At quarta-feira, 01 novembro, 2006, Anonymous Anônimo said...

estão todos extrapolados. gentileza repostá-los! Parabens pelo blog !!!!!


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