sexta-feira, setembro 15, 2006

Europe - Rock The Night

Rock The Night: The Very Best Of Europe
Rock The Night - Superstitious - I'll Cry For You
Cherokee - Stormwind - Sweet Love Child
In The Future To Come - Here Comes The Night
Sign Of The Times - Dreamer - Seventh Sign
Yesterday's News - Got Your Mind In The Gutter
Ready Or Not - Aphasia - Time Has Come
The Final Countdown - Halfway To Heaven
Open Your Heart - Long Time Coming
Mr. Government Man - Carrie - Seven Doors Hotel
Girl From Lebanon - The King Will Return
More Than Meets The Eye - Prisoners In Paradise
Wings Of Tomorrow - On Broken Wings
Scream Of Anger - Heart Of Stone
Let The Good Times Rock
Senha/Password: Feed Your Head

Many thanks to the original uploader!