sábado, julho 08, 2006

Donna Summer - The Journey

The Journey - The Very Best Of
Love to Love You Baby - Could It Be Magic - I Feel Love
I Love You - Last Dance - Macarthur Park
Heaven Knows - Hot Stuff - Bad Girls
Dim All the Lights - No More Tears - On the Radio
The Wanderer - Love Is in Control
State of Independence - She Works Hard for the Money
This Time I Know It's for Real - I Will Go With You
That's the Way - Dream-A-Lot's Theme - I Feel Love
Hot Stuff - This Time I Know It's for Real
Dream-A-Lot's Theme - You're So Beautiful
Download 1-4 & Download 2-4
Download 3-4 & Download 4-4

Many thanks to "RoadRash" for this upload


At terça-feira, 05 setembro, 2006, Anonymous jimartor@hotmail.com said...

hola amigo gracias por este material soy un fanatico de donna summer muy buen album ojala encontrar un poco mas de ella sus albunes anteriores como el doble album bad girls y on the radio
yo soy chileno un fan


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