quinta-feira, julho 06, 2006

Nickelback - 05 CDs

All the Right Reasons
Follow You Home - Fight for All the Wrong Reasons
Photograph - Animals - Savin' Me - Far Away
Next Contestant - Side of a Bullet - If Everyone Cared
Someone That You're With - Rock Star
Senha/Password: gradth

The Long Road
Flat on the Floor - Do This Anymore - Someday
Believe It or Not - Feelin' Way Too Damn Good
Because of You - Figured You Out - Should've Listened
Throw Yourself Away - Another Hole in the Head
See You at the Show - Saturday Night's Alright
Learn the Hard Way - Yanking Out My Heart

The State
Breathe - Cowboy Hat - Leader Of Men
Old Enough - Worthy To Say - Diggin' This
Deep - One Last Run - Not Leavin' Yet
Hold Out Your Hand - Leader Of Men (Acoustic)

Little Friend - Pusher - Detangler - Curb
Where? - Falls Back On - Sea Groove - Fly
Just Four - Left - Window Shopper - I Don't Have

Silver Side Up
Never Again - How You Remind Me - Woke Up This Morning
Too Bad - Just For - Hollywood - Look What Your Money Bought
Where Do I Hide - Hangnail - Good Times Gone

Many thanks to "csnmf" from "warez-bb" for this uploads!


At quinta-feira, 06 julho, 2006, Anonymous Anônimo said...

oi...qual é a senha?
obrigada. bj.

At sexta-feira, 07 julho, 2006, Anonymous Anônimo said...

pooo...aqui na quer baixa nd...

At quarta-feira, 12 julho, 2006, Anonymous dreyk said...

seu site e 10, mas!!!! arruma os links dos album do nickel back, que melhora mais valeu


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